New Single “Warm” By Charli XCX Ft. HAIM – Listen + Read Review

Charli XCX knows how to turn any song into a bop. It’s easy for her as she only has to turn it into a collaboration. It’s the same story this week as Charli has decided to bless another song titled “Warm” – a collaboration with HAIM.

Charli is definitely earning a lot of respect in the pop industry and among fans due to these collaborations leading to her third album. We’re sure she’ll get an amazing response when she eventually releases this album in two weeks.

If you remember the count, it’s been Charli’s sixth song since the start of July. The “Gone” diva is probably getting bored waiting for the release date and that’s the best she can do – give us new music every Friday. She is definitely a pop-saving angel.

Charli’s new song “Warm” is all about the warmth of the heart. She opens the track by asking her partner “Why we can’t fall in love.” She then asks him the reason “You gotta tell me the reason why you won’t open up.” She then tells him she’s going to send him to “heaven, tequila on your tongue” over an electronic production. It’s a gem and you can’t miss it. So don’t wait any longer and press Play below.

Listen To “Warm” By Charli XCX Ft. HAIM

Post Author: David Watt