Single Review: “Love Me Wrong” By Allie X & Troye Sivan

Last Friday was huge for Allie X as she released her new single “Love Me Wrong.” It’s a very personal track and Allie enrolled Troye Sivan to help. The resulting collaboration is nothing less than magnificent.

The song “Love Me Wrong” is about parents who apparently love their parents. The song opens with a child accepting this “Oh you love me, you put me to bed. Yead you love me, dress me to the nines.” Allie X is then joined by Troy who explains how parents ‘love me wrong.’ “I know you love me , ’cause I’m there in your wallet” sings Troye Sivan. The chorus is especially powerful when both the singers come together and sing in one voice “Yea, you love me wrong.” It’s a powerful song and both the collaborators have laid their vocals perfectly over an adorable production.

The song “Love Me Wrong” is very personal to Allie X. She is inspired by her own story. She had these feelings and similar experiences when she was younger. Like many other kids, she knew that her parents love her but deep down she also realized they don’t love her full person. We can all relate to it. Listen to “Love Me Wrong” below.

Listen To “Love Me Wrong” By Allie X & Troye Sivan

Post Author: Harvey Dyer