Single Review: “Focus” by Allie X

Allie X has another hit at her hands in the shape of this new single titled “Focus”. It’s a synth-pop masterpiece like her first big moment of 2014 titled “Catch”. This new single clearly suggests that this girl has immense talent and she totally deserves her commercial breakthrough moment. Could song help her with that?

Last year, Allie X treated our ears with her second LP Collection II. She even got a decent hit on Spotify in terms of number of streams. She even tasted the charts with “Casanova”. But still, I feel her current single “Focus” is her best work so far. It’s amazing and you can’t ignore Allie X anymore.

“Focus” is a tender and delicate anthem where Allie X is safe in her lover’s arms when rest of the world is about to turn to ashes. She feels safe there even when no one else is safe around her. She and her lover are alone as the sky crumbles and people shout for help. But she ain’t worried. She is with her lover and that’s the only safe place for her.

The track “Focus” has a strong chorus where Allie X takes full advantage of her feathery and delicate vocals. Her sensibilities give the right emotional treatment to the song as she sings over a simple production. I feel THIS is the breakout moment we have been waiting for. Give it a listen below.

Stream New Single “Focus” by Allie X

Post Author: David Watt