Single Review: “Black Swan” By BTS

BTS has premiered a new single titled “Black Swan” which will add a lot of power to BTS’ 4th LP. The album will come out on February 21 but things have already started moving really fast with over 3.4 million pre-orders for the album. Now that’s not a normal number and it’s still to go higher after “Black Swan” gets moving. We wonder where K-Pop kings would finish by the end of this year since this is only the beginning.

The new single “Black Swan” is about the fear of not being able to make good music. It’s about the time when the band won’t be able to move listeners with their songs. It’s only natural. The fear of failure is imminent once you have tasted success. The song is BTS’ version of that fear.

While singing about the fear of meeting their own ‘black swan,’ the band ends the song by realizing that music is all they have so they don’t have to fear. It’s a banger and we can see already what this new single will do to BTS’ upcoming album. It could break some kind of record for pre-registered orders for an LP. Listen to “Black Swan” by BTS below.

Listen To “Black Swan” By BTS

Post Author: David Watt