BTS Song, ”Idol” Featuring “Nicki Minaj”

The K-POP boy band, ”BTS” which is also known as “Bangtan Boys”  has released their 2nd compilation album, “Love Yourself: Answer” which is now available on digital platforms. This project includes 26 songs.

“Love Yourself : Answer” includes songs from BTS’s recently released albums “Love Yourself: Her” and “Love Yourself: Tear”.

BTS has composed and included one new song in their new project “Love Yourself: Answer”. The new song is titled, “Idol”.

BTS’s new song “Idol” also has an alternate version and there is something special about this alternate version. It features Nicki Minaj. First, they admired Nicki’s Recently released album and then Nicki showed her love for this music group (BTS).

We can assume it for sure that BTS will promote the Nicki version of the song “Idol” in America. Because good help is hard to find indeed.

I hope that this alternate version of this song “Idol” which features Nicki Minaj help them get some place this week in the Billboard’s Hot 100 and lead them the way to U.s Top 40 radios.

Listen To BTS’s New Song “Idol” Featuring “Nicki Minaj”.

Post Author: David Watt