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Single + Music Video “Secrets” By Becky G

Becky G has premiered a new single titled “Secrets” and she has also blessed us with a music video. The song is produced by Tainy, MDLC, and Supa Dups.

The track is about a partner who hasn’t been fair in the relationship – keeping secrets and not being honest with her partner. “Why you always keeping secrets from me” sings the crooner in the opening lines of this new banger. The aggressive beats give Becky enough marging to experiment a bit with her vocals. It clearly sounds like a hit already.

Considering Becky G has also given us a music video for the track, it’s obvious that Becky knows she has another hit on her hands. That’s the reason she put her heart and soul in the music video. Directed by Phillip R Lopez, the visual takes us to a haunted house where you meet ladybugs and other creepy creatures. Watch the music video below and see if this track gives you HIT vibes.

Watch “Secrets” Music Video By Becky G

Post Author: David Watt