Music Video “Dance In The Dark” By Au/Ra

Au/Ra gave us her debut EP in 2017 and she has steadily grown in stature as a singer since then. This week she released two new singles “Dance In The Dark” and “Medicine” and a day later she premiered the official music video for “Dance In The Dark.”

Both the new songs are amazing. “Dance In The Dark” is a banger and it’s very personal to the singer. Although the other song “Medicine” is a soaring ballad, it shares the same thematic concept as “Dance In The Dark.” Both are relatable in their own way and could help you explore different emotions on the same theme.

The alt-pop star explained how both tracks are about ‘acceptance.’ While ‘Medicine’ is about the realization that you have to fix your problems since no one else is going to do it for you, ‘Dance In The Dark’ is about accepting the fact that life is a mix of good and bad. Dark times will be there no matter how hard you try. Check out the music video for ‘Dance In The Dark’ below.

Watch Music Video “Dance In The Dark” By Au/Ra

Post Author: David Watt