Listen To A Single By The Script “Rain”: Review + MV

If you have been waiting for the return of The Script, it’s about time. It has been a long wait for the fans. The band released its last album in 2014. They have released a new song titled “Rain”. You can stream it after the review.

Three years has been a long time without any new music from The Script.

The band released the new song “Rain” on this Friday. This new song from the Irish band will serve as the first single from their upcoming studio album. The band hasn’t announced the release date for the album but you can be sure that there will be one in months to come. I’m speculating that this album will come out at the end of this year. Even if The Script delays it, it should be out at the start on 2018.

This new song “Rain” is a heartbreaking ballad. Beautiful guitar-based composition gives it all that it needs to convey the powerful emotions that the Irish band feels so strongly in this new song. In the song, the lead singer Danny O’Donoghue sings about the feelings of being left alone. He describes the pain of being left alone for too long and compares it to being under the shower of acid rain. You gotta give a listen to this song to feel what The Script has in mind for their new era.

“Rain” is a perfect song for radio. It’s catchy and The Script did the right thing by premiering a music video with the audio. That means they are serious about this comeback single. Would we get a TV performance during the coming week? Let’s hope and keep the fingers crossed. Time to listen to “Rain” and watch official MV.

Listen to “Rain” + Watch Music Video – By The Script


Post Author: David Watt