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New Music: “Build Me Up Again” By Phoebe Ryan

Phoebe Ryan has dropped new song “Build Me Up” after a long hiatus. dropped her last EP in 2017 and it was clearly the best EP of the year. Despite having released such good music, Phoebe stayed out of the limelight and didn’t release a lot of new music. She only did a collaboration and a single. Her new album was definitely due as she herself said that she was ‘under construction’ and that it took just too long. Good thing that Phoebe also realizes that new music was due.

“Build Me Up” is a powerful song that talks about being low and getting out of it with the help of friends. We often feel that we need someone to help us out of the situation, to build up again. The interesting fact is that this song is based on an actual incident. Phoebe met her friend a few years back on Tinder who helped her feel full again and that’s what this track is all about. Feeling good again with the power of friendship. Listen to it below.

Listen to “Build Me Up” by Phoebe Ryan

Post Author: David Watt