Music Video: “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa – {Watch + Read Review}

Dua Lipa has delivered the official music video for her new single “IDGAF” as she promised. The video came out on Friday and it’s already becoming internet’s favorite MV from the singer. It’s a worthy follow up to “New Rules”.

In the music video for “IDGAF”, Dua sets new standards as she fights her clone using various dance moves. It’s a super creative video as you expect from Dua Lipa. She will put on different suits and lead her team as she fights the red team of ladies. The teams, blue and red, are comprised of ladies wearing similar suits. The two teams battle each other using dance moves. Surprisingly, both teams are led of Dua – one being her clone. She will also kiss her clone on the forehead in the video.

As the story moves on, you know that they are not only enemies but also friends. The fight isn’t about injuring anyone but it’s more of a symbolic fight as both the teams try to take the lead using their unique dance moves. I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate the video and the creativity that Dua brings into this visual. Watch this new official music video below.

Watch “IDGAF” music video by Dua Lipa

Post Author: Harvey Dyer