Music Video: “Attention” by Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth has released the official music video for his recent hit single “Attention”.

Now you can watch the official music video for “Attention” by Charlie Puth. It’s the new single that I reviewed a few days back. You can read the single review here.

The music video shows us a crazy side of love. Charlie Puth has a girlfriend in this MV who is probably insane. For some reason, she’s with Charlie. Despite her being a little crazy, Charlie and she have quite a chemistry between them – and it’s visible on the screen. You will notice it as soon as you start watching this music video.

But their chemistry won’t help their relationship as violent behavior takes over their love. The girl probably wants to destroy everything, including Charlie’s life. She assaults him and insults him. But then she kisses Charlie like nothing had happened. It seems that the world has changed with this kiss as you notice both changes with the kiss. You see love in their eyes again. Probably all she wants is ‘attention’.

The song “Attention” came out last Friday on iTunes. It is the first single that we heard from Charlie’s upcoming second studio album. The song seems maturer and edgier compared to what we heard in the Charlie’s first album. It’s time you watch the music video for “Attention” below.

Watch “Attention” Official Music Video by Charlie Puth

Post Author: David Watt