Single: “Attention” by Charlie Puth – Full Audio + Song Review

Charlie Puth has released “Attention” – the latest single from his upcoming sophomore album. This new single is unlike anything you’ve heard from Charlie so far. His vocals are earthier and natural; his mission is superior. It’s a great song with a real story behind it.

“Attention” actually came out of a recent project that Charlie started. This project, called “The Attention Room”, has an infinity tunnel that tries to see the reaction that brain generates as a response to getting ‘attention’. I hope you get it now. This is the experience that Charlie is sure everyone is going to love.

This song is a preview of Charlie’s second album. It seems a big move away from what we heard on his first album. This time, he seems more committed to a maturer approach instead of the vulnerable Charlie that we heard in the first album. I’m sure you can feel that already.

“Attention” is a powerful head-nodding single that has a mid-tempo rhythm. In the song, you hear Charlie talking about a girl who doesn’t care about him but all she wants is ‘attention’. Charlie’s vocals are just supreme and have that angelic effect to them that you witnessed in his first album.

When you hear this single, you will notice that Charlie is still that boy next door that you loved so much on the first album. But he has got a little edgier this time and his voice sounds somewhat maturer. The song is written by Charlie and J Kash. You can listen to the song below.

Listen to “Attention” by Charlie Puth

Post Author: David Watt