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Watch “Welcome To The Show” Music Video by Adam Lambert

“Welcome To The Show” by Adam Lambert is a new music video from Adam Lambert. It is somewhat late considering the time when the track was released but no one is complaining. You know why? Because Adam Lambert has gone shirtless in the video and has a nice message in the video. Now that has made the fans forget the delay.

Adam released this new single a few months back, three to be exact. Although this single wasn’t included in the album “The Original High”, fans have remembered it. The featured artist in this song is a rising Swedish singer named Laleh.

Unfortunately for Adam Lambert and Laleh, the song didn’t do well on radio or on charts. It seems as if Adam is trying to bring it back to life by releasing a music video. I’m sure this will help “Welcome to the Show” and catapult it back to the radios and charts. The MV was premiered on YouTube.

Now no one knows for sure what took Adam so long to release the music video. Did the video production took so much time or was Adam waiting for the song to go completely off the radios before he would release the video?┬áProbably that’s how we characterize Adam – doing things differently from how others do it.

The music video is directed by Lee Cherry and there are no signs that it took three months in the making. In this simple music video. Laleh and Adam sing while looking straight into the camera. There are many close up shots and visual effects in the video but I’m not sure they will help the MV. It could’ve been much better if there was some story.

Watch Music Video “Welcome To The Show” by Adam Lambert

Post Author: David Watt