Song + MV Review: “Mind Is A Prison” By Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin has had a great year so far with his reputation as a mature artist increasing with every new song he landed, it was perfect time to end the year with his deepest song to date. This new single is titled “Mind Is A Prison.” Following the song release, Alec also released the official music video for the song.

Last year Alec Benjamin landed himself so well that everyone instantly knew he’s the one to watch. His mixtape became a sensation with “Let Me Down Slowly” racking more than 400 million streams in no time. He has continued giving us amazing music this year with two songs “Must Have Been The Wind” and “Jesus In LA.” Now with this final rendition for 2019, “Mind Is A Prison” sounds like a perfect song.

“Mind Is A Prison” shows the inner side of Alec. “I got two windows. …And those windows, well I call them my eyes” he kind of takes us inside his mind and shows us his perspective. Calling his eyes ‘windows’ immediately shifts us inside his mind – a prison. From there on, he sings about his feelings and how he feels trapped for eternity. It’s a beautiful song and it could easily become his biggest hit so far. Listen to “Mind Is A Prison” below and watch the music video.

Watch Official Music Video “Mind Is A Prison” By Alec Benjamin

Post Author: David Watt