Niall Horan Heartbreak Weather

Music Review + Official Video: ‘Heartbreak Weather’ and ‘No Judgement’ by Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s LP ‘Heartbreak weather’ just dropped(13 March) The album is really a treat to listen to, from the beginning to the very end. 

The former One Direction hitmaker is now getting in some last-minute promos by releasing a bunch of videos. Visuals for the title track also arrived this Friday and they looked like a tribute paid to the ’80s. It’s just what it should be like knowing how much that decade influenced the song and album as a whole.

Niall is seen wearing colourful suits grooving in a newsroom. He looks charming and will definitely enchant fans with his style.

The music video for ‘No judgement’ interestingly does not star Niall instead, the 4-year old viral sensation Boss Brody and his adorable family are seen playing dress up and bopping along to the song.

With the world coming to a halt due to the Coronavirus it would be interesting to see Niall’s strategy to promote his music in these turbulent times with postponed concerts and TV appearances. Watch below for the official and alternate music videos

New Music Review+Official MV: ‘Heartbreak Weather’ and ‘No Judgement’ by Niall Horan

Post Author: Harvey Dyer