Watch “On The Loose” Music Video by Niall Horan

Niall Horan has premiered the official music video for “On The Loose” – the latest single from his debut album “Flicker”. Niall had promised fans to give them the official MV and he delivered as promised – on time. The music video for the One Direction man’s latest single “On The Loose” is directed by Jake Jelicich.

In the music video for “On The Loose”, you will see Niall Horan chase her girl. He is in love with this girl. She’s so hot that Niall can’t resist going after her. So he keeps following her to a valley and then to her home. In between, you see some of the most beautiful scenes and some totally stunning footage. Later in the video, you will see this hot girl waiting for Niall as she dancer around a bonfire in front of her. But she is dancing with other men because ‘she loves when everybody’s watching’. Although Niall seems to have built some sort of jealousy because of her uninhibited nature, he still gets her in the end when she gets into his convertible at the end of the video.

It’s evening and the scene looks totally awesome. I kind of like this music video and I’m sure it’s going to help Nial Horan a great deal when it comes to promoting his latest single. It’s the only video the Irish singer has released since he gave the video treatment to “Too Much to Ask”. That was back in September. I hope things move at a faster pace for the Irish singer as he is getting closer to starting his World Tour. Watch this latest video below.

Watch Official Music Video “On The Loose” by Niall Horan

Post Author: David Watt