Ava Max

Single Review: “On Somebody” By Ava Max

Ava Max is giving her best this year and she is not done. She wants to do more even though it’s only the last few days before the dawn of the new year. She earlier released a collaboration “Alone, Pt. II” and then followed it up with her December 30 release of a new single titled “On Somebody.” It’s a solo single and Ava is singing about breakup in this track.

The track opens with Eva singing about the brutality of heartbreak and cursing it in the very first line so that the listener knows where she is going with this track. Although she is a mature person and knows what’s best for her – moving forward – it’s the most difficult moment of her life. She is hesitant and can’t find the power to make the right decision although the knows it’s the only right path ahead. It’s an extremely relatable song and Ava does it justice with her beautiful vocals. It could easily turn out to be your favorite song from the artist so far. And we know it’s not all we are going to hear from her. We hope she keeps growing stronger in 2020 and bless us with great music. After all, she has the talent and she is already showing it. Listen to “On Somebody” below and you’ll immediately attach expectations with her. It’s such a beautiful song.

Listen To “On Somebody” By Ava Max

Post Author: David Watt