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Music Review: “Part Of Me” By Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle

Hannah Diamond has premiered new music and we are in love with it. It’s a collaboration with Danny L Harle and the banger is titled “Part Of Me.” The track is a lullaby that also sounds a lot like a club anthem. Hannah’s vocals over twinkly synths are just amazing.

She opens the track singing “Part of me wants to know what you see when you’re asleep.” She then follows this up by telling us that a part of her believes that he can see her in his dreams. At this point, it looks as if the track is going to continue like that and it could end up being a soothing lullaby. However, that’s where Hannah does the magic and turns the track around, giving it a very clubby anthem. It’s definitely Hannah’s best track so far and we expect to get many more like this.

While talking about the song, Hannah told the press that she started the track as a lullaby that would turn out to be a sleepy song. However, it turned out to be a bit different as she wanted to express the inner excitement. For that, she needed to bring in a hard section. Give it a listen below and you’d love every bit of it.

Listen To “Part Of Me” By Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle

Post Author: David Watt