Music Video Review: “Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic

OneRepublic premiered official music video for their new single “Wherever I Go” on VEVO yesterday. The band released this new single earlier this week. This Mike Snow inspired track will be included in band’s upcoming fourth studio album. The album, which is still to get a title, is coming out later this year.

The official music video for OneRepublic’s new single “Wherever I Go” is directed by Joseph Kahn, who is known for making expensive MVs. The music video is set in South Korea and it’s about the life of a miserable worker. The video shows us through a day in his life. The day was supposed to be a regular day at office but things went bizarre and nothing happened the way he expected.

The Korean worker somehow sees Ryan Tedder on an ad while at a subway and it changes everything for him. He isn’t depressed anymore and this isn’t going to be a regular office day.

As the workers arrives at the office, he starts seeing things differently. His behavior is changed and he tries to have some fun for the first time ever since he got this job. He dances around and eventually infects other office workers as well. They start dancing with him but when the dance group gets bigger, the worker is taken away to another room where he finds OneRepublic performing the song “Wherever I Go”.

The worker then returns to his office but his life has changed. He isn’t that same routine office guy anymore. It looks as if with his changed perspective, everything around him is also changing. The office walls, clothes that other employees are wearing and the way everyone feels about the office space has changed. There are way more colors in the office and all of a sudden everyone seems to be happy.  But it could all be a dream… You will have to watch the music video for “Wherever I Go” to find out the truth.

Watch Music Video “Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic

Post Author: David Watt