Lindsay Lohan

Listen To A Snippet Of The Comeback Single From Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is usually in the news. Although she is not focusing on her acting career these days, she’s hitting the recording studios. The rumors suggest that she was in the studio with Jesse Saint John who also happens to have collaborated with Kim Petras and Britney Spears.

It’s quite obvious that Lindsay Lohan is true to her promise to release new music. She, along with Jesse Saint John, is working on a banger. A short-snippet of this track surfaced online today and it sounds really good. The hitmaker sings “When you kiss me I can’t breathe.”

The singer/actor is returning to the music industry with a bang. Yes, not only this banger, but she is also working on an album. In 2016, she told her fans that her sister is already signed to EMI and since it was her true career choice, Lindsay decided to stay out of her way. However, Lindsay’s sister never really released her album and her career never took off. For that reason, Lindsay now has no issues and she can definitely take over the music industry with a storm without having to cross paths with her little sister.

Lindsay has given us the first look for the new song. You can listen to a short snippet below and don’t forget to leave your comments about Lindsay’s journey back to the music industry.

Listen To A Snippet Of New Banger By Lindsay Lohan

Post Author: David Watt