Jesse Saint John Two Infectious BOPs “Crying” & “What Do You Like 2”

Jessie Saint John came to the starlight last year when he dropped his solo act. The 29-year old isn’t new to the music industry as he had already worked as a songwriter for some of the biggest names, including Britney Spears.

It seems he isn’t short of surprises as he started his singing career at 28. Then he followed up his debut single with another great song. He didn’t stop there and now has surprised us again by quickly following up with two more tracks. Now he is giving us not only one but two new singles – both sounding like a hit already. The new tracks are titled “Crying” and “What Do You Like 2.” The later is a sequel of “What Do You Like” and sounds even better than the original. Even Jesse seems to like it more and told his fans that sometimes sequels are better compared with originals. You can listen to both these tracks below.

Listen To “Crying” and “What Do You Like 2”

Post Author: Harvey Dyer