Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez Perform “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Live – Watch NOW

Finally, Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez have performed “We Don’t Talk Anymore” live at Revival Tour in Anaheim. Fans have been waiting for long now to see this joint performance. Since it’s here finally, I’m sure you don’t want to waste a second to watch live performance video. Just click PLAY below.

NOTE: Don’t forget to read my views on this performance after the video.

Watch Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth Perform “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Live

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is probably one of the best tracks that you’d hear from “Nine Track Mind” album. It’s Charlie’s debut album.

The song is a collaboration with Selena Gomez. This collaboration has already helped the song become famous. Of course, the song is good but without Selena factor, it may have failed to prove a highlight in Charlie’s career.

The song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” was released back in January. Both Charlie and Selena didn’t get the chance to perform this song until now. Since fans were pushing for a performance, the couple finally came together on stage on July 9th for the performance.

It was actually Selena’s concert where she asked Charlie Puth to perform on stage with her. Although Selena wasn’t moving much and there wasn’t any jumping as fans anticipated after watching the teaser she posted on her Instagram, it was still a cute performance. Maybe it was the right way to performance this song for Selena considering Charlie was very serious during the performance, playing notes on the Piano.

Now fans are expecting Charlie to shoot a strong music video for this new single. Fans also want to see the musical couple on a mainstream American TV show. Since Selena is in the country only for another three or so weeks before she leaves for a foreign tour, Charlie has a small window of opportunity to get her on a TV show performance.

Post Author: David Watt