Latest Glastonbury line-up rumours

Last year the full Glastonbury line-up was revealed on 27 March, and as there’s no reason to suggest this year’s line-up won’t be announced at around the same date I think it’s time for a round-up of all the latest rumours and news about this years Glasto.

First up, here are the bands we already know will definitely be playing:

Arcade Fire



Dolly Parton

Lily Allen

Suzanne Vega


That’s all old and boringly ‘official’ news though. What we all really want is baseless speculation and wild rumour mongering. So here we go…

Glastonbury 2014 line-up rumours (the believable ones)

First it was Fleetwood Mac who were ‘definitely’ headlining (and probably would be if it wasn’t for John McVie’s health problems), then it was Prince who was odds-on. Now the strongest rumour is that Kasabian will be headlining. Whether they’re good enough to headline Glastonbury is obviously up for debate (it’s likely a headline slot would be the result of some heavy lobbying from their record label Columbia/Sony), but the bookies have apparently stopped taking bets on it – and when have you ever known bookies to be wrong?

Lets not dwell on Kasabian though, as there’s plenty more rumours. Other bands and artists in the ‘likely to feature’ category are Skrillex, Pixies, Manic Street Preachers, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jurassic 5, Example, The Horrors, Temples, Wild Beasts, Elbow, Klaxons, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol and lots more.

Some slightly wild headliner rumours

Foo Fighters have been mentioned in terms of a possible headline slot, unfortunately, as have Rihanna and Kanye West. One band that is starting to get talked about a bit more is The Eagles – who would surely command a huge Saturday night audience at the Pyramid Stage. Depeche Mode would be cool, but I can’t quite see them topping the bill. I can, however, see a newly reformed OutKast headlining. There’s also the persistent rumour about Metallica, which would be pretty epic.

The big ‘out there’ rumour though is the Oasis one. The ins and outs of a possible reunion has been done to death, so I wont go through all that again. What I will say though is that things have gone suspiciously quiet in the Noel and Liam camps, so I wouldn’t be massively surprised if a big announcement is on its way. I won’t hold my breath either though.

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