Those Oasis-Glastonbury rumours have popped up again!

I was literally just thinking yesterday that it seems to have gone a bit quiet on the Oasis-reuniting-for-Glastonbury front, and I was wondering whether that meant the rumour was finally dead and buried or if it was the calm before the storm.

Then I went online and stumbled across a whole host of new Oasis reunion rumours, this time centred on the suggestion that Liam and Noel have patched up their differences enough to think about opening a new restaurant.

Obviously that now means they’re now a shoo-in for one of the two open Glastonbury headline slots!

Apparently the feuding brothers met up at a cousins wedding in Ireland, which was the catalyst for them getting back on friendly terms.

I won’t go through all the quotes from the anonymous ‘source’, but it’s worth mentioning that the source says Noel and Liam plan on opening an indie music bar/restaurant called ‘Champagne Supernova’ – I don’t know whether that’s so ridiculous that it may actually be true!

The Glastonbury rumours, though, are probably a bit too much of a push. Weirder things have happened though…

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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