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This Week’s New Single Releases – 14 July Part 3

Part three of my round up of the new singles available for digital download this week.

Lucy Spraggan – ‘Lighthouse’
She dropped out of the X Factor due to illness but, like many of the other competitors, this hasn’t stopped her from releasing a song onto the chart. Her first single proper, after her last one was taken of iTunes to avoid a Little Mix-beating embarrassment, ‘Lighthouse’ isn’t a song, though, that’s going to cement her as the one that got away though it is a perky, poppy number with a toe-tapping beat and a clear structure that’s nicely produced. A jaunty number, it’s a warming, slice of pop with a well-segued in clapping and crowd section, that should do well. (6/10)
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Manic Street Preachers feat. Richard Hawley – ‘Rewind The Film’
The lead single from the album of the same name, ‘Rewind The Film’ is a sharp change of direction for the Welsh rockers. Coming in at over six minutes and featuring Sheffield’s Richard Hawley on lead vocals, it feels like the life has been sucked out of the record, substituting emotion for gruffness. The bursts of James Dean Bradfield on the record as it kicks up a pace make it better and adds more strength to the sombre Hawley vocals, but the balance between the two singers is too heavily weighted towards Hawley. On the album I’m sure this fits in nicely and there’s something still quite appealing about Hawley’s downbeat words, but as a lead single this doesn’t really bode well and feels more like the Manics are actually the guest appearance on this. A disappointing first cut from a band usually hitting high; it’s a song that will grow, I expect, but lacks that special something we’ve come to expect from the Welsh group. (4/10)
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Olympe – ‘Born To Die’
A cover of Lana Del Rey’s second single, I have to say this may actually be the better version, though to be fair he hasn’t done much to it; it’s still very much the original track but with a slightly operatic feel to it, especially at the start and over the chorus. Perhaps a little less emotional than the first take due its fractionally faster pace, Olympe does run with the song and powers through it. Yes, it does feel like Del Rey’s song has been ‘X Factor’-ed up but it’s a well done cover and one that adds something to the original. (7/10)
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P!nk feat. Lily Allen – ‘True Love’
‘True Love’ continues P!nk’s run of cracking pop hits. Featuring one of the most pointless cameos from Lily “Retired just like Elton John and Status Quo” Allen which is perfectly fun but adds little to the record, the main thrust of the record comes from P!nk’s ballsy verses and chorus that proves as memorable and singable as some of her biggest hits, even if the chorus is quite limited in scope. (7/10)
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Rihanna feat. David Guetta – ‘Right Now’
Once more teaming up with David Guetta, Rihanna returns after a while away with ‘Right Now’. Whatever your thoughts on Rihanna as a singer, she usually has an ear for a tune, but the same can’t be said for this, a by-numbers dance, r’n’b track that doesn’t really do anything we haven’t heard before. Not that bad, but sadly lacking the usual Rihanna sparkle. (5/10)
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The Royal Concept – ‘On Our Way’
‘On Our Way’ is a buzzing indie-pop hit that has shades of an artist that I can’t quite put my finger on. Inspirations aside this a neatly composed fast-beat pop tune that will bring the sun out. With a speedy two-part chorus that will grab you, it has enough elements in the piece to keep it succinct and special. A welcome appearance from a lesser known band. (7/10)
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Selena Gomez – ‘Come and Get It’
From the Disney family, Gomez’s ‘Come and Get It’ is a risky shift in direction for someone with such bubblegum roots. With hints of Bollywood, though at times heavily masked by its production, the song shows Gomez’s willingness to do something unexpected for an artist with her background. With an Ana Johnson-sound, the production is very tight and enjoyable but the chorus lacks the power needed to really satisfy the charts for which she’ll be aiming. A refreshing change in style for Gomez but it’s not her strongest showcase. (5.5/10)
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The XX – ‘Fiction’
The fourth single from their Coexist album, ‘Fiction’ is a slow, sombre track that never quite feels like it gets anywhere. Atmospherically produced, it’s a pleasant enough listen for the ears but let loose on its own away from the album fails to impress. Not really worthy of a single release, fading in and out without leaving that much of an impression. (4.5/10)
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VV Brown – ‘Samson’
Four years since she really impressed in the charts with such cracking hits as ‘Shark In The Water’ and ‘Crying Blood’, VV Brown is back with ‘Samson’. Sadly, or bravely depending how you look at it, her sound has radically changed. Out has gone the exciting, poppy, catchy undertones of her first album and in come dramatic soundscapes with minimal vocal structures. I don’t begrudge her a change in direction but when her first singles were so good, this feels like a loss, lacking as it does any major exciting points and suffering from a music track that chokes her voice and the lyrics. (3/10)
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Post Author: Philip Lickley