Song Review + Stream: “Drip” by Cardi B – It’s disappointing

Cardi B has released a brand new song featuring Migos. This song is titled “Drip” and it came out on Wednesday. Would you believe that Cardi B has decided to release a song when her album release is only two days away. Should we call it desperate or is it coming from her fans insisting to hear more from her before they purchase her album? I’m not sure what it is but sure the timing of this song is not right.

I’m not only disappointed with the timing, the song is also nothing special. If Cardi was to release a song so close to her album release, she could’ve released a better song. When you listen to this song and get past the infectious beat, there won’t be much to impress.

The song opens and gives us some good vibes with its catchy beat. But as soon as you hear Cardi B rapping, you just don’t like it. There is no flow. It’s so weak that you totally feel it while listening to her rapping. Sometimes, deep and impressive lyrics with some unique theme could save such songs but that’s another area where Cardi didn’t focus. The lyrics are so weak and the theme of the song is totally routine. You know that common rap theme where an artist talks about his or her ‘rich’ status and how wants everyone else to simply f**k off. That’s what this song is about. There is nothing new in there but you might like it for the beat. It’s something that could somehow save the song. But still, I feel that Cardi could have done better by NOT releasing this single at this time.

This song “Trip” by Cardi B is produced by Cassius Jay. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Drip” by Cardi B featuring Migos

Post Author: David Watt