What is going on with Adele’s new album?

Twitter lit up earlier today when it was announced that Adele’s new album will be called 25 and the mega-selling singer will be touring in early 2015 after the album’s release.

Everyone rushed to report on this big news announcement, not considering that it came from a slightly strange source – the Twitter account of the World Music Awards! Here’s the Tweet:

After everyone calmed down a bit, the chairman of Beggars Group (who run Adele’s record label XL Recordings) Martin Mills told Billboard there was ‘no truth’ in the rumours.

So what’s the deal? The smart money is on the World Music Awards getting wind of some kind of announcement, and their social media person has jumped the gun. Either that or they’ve decided to get in quick and get as much mileage as they can from it (which has worked!).

It’s no surprise that Adele is preparing to release a new album sometime soon, and we all know it’s going to be called 25. Her previous two albums were named after how old she was when they were made (19 and 21) and the North London songstress all-but-confirmed it a few months ago on Twitter (albeit in a slightly cryptic manner):

The only detail up for grabs is when 25 will be released. The word is Adele is gearing up to ‘do a Beyonce’ and release it online suddenly, with no fanfare and no build-up. The fact that World Music Awards have decided to ‘announce’ it would suggest that the scheduled release of 25 could well be soon. Which would also explain Martin Mills’ attempts to dampen down the speculation and put the cat back in the bag so as to make the big reveal all the more surprising.

What do you think is going on? Are you expecting to hear a new Adele album sometime soon? Join the discussion in the comments…

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