Glastonbury resale

Glastonbury ticket resale – what you need to know to get tickets

The resale process for Glastonbury 2014 tickets is underway – with coach package tickets going on sale at 7pm this evening. If you’re after coach tickets then click this link to get involved asap:

If you’re not after coach tickets and want to know more about the full resale which begins this Sunday (27 April) at 9am, then read on….

How many tickets are available in the resale?
Glastonbury has never been very forthcoming when it comes to revealing exact numbers. All they will officially confirm is that there is a ‘limited quantity’ of tickets available in the resale. That could mean 200, or it could mean 20,000. All we know for sure is that there’s not enough to meet demand, so Sunday morning is going to be hectic!

How much do resale tickets cost?
Face value, which is £210 plus £5 booking fee and another £7 for secure delivery. Unlike when tickets went on general sale in October, a deposit scheme is not available for resale tickets so if you want to buy tickets on Sunday then you will have to pay the full price there and then.

Can I register to buy tickets before the resale begins?
Not anymore you can’t. Ticket registrations closed on Monday 21 April, so if you’re not registered already then you won’t be eligible to buy resale tickets. If you think you might already be registered then you can check your details here:

How many tickets can one person buy in the resale?
If you’re lucky enough to get through to the buying process on Sunday morning (no mean feat, believe me!) then you will be able to buy a total of four tickets. Remember though that you will need all the registration details for the other people to be able to buy tickets for them – so make sure you have them to hand.

How can I buy tickets?
Resale tickets will be available to buy in just two ways, online at or via the See Tickets booking phone number: 0844 412 4635. If you are booking from overseas then the number you need to ring is 0044 1159 934 183.

So, what’s my best chance of success?
I’ve had the good fortune of actually getting tickets via the Glastonbury resale before, so if you want a bit of first-hand insight here we go…

Be part of a network – get together with anyone and everyone you know who either also wants to get tickets, or just wants to help you out. Make sure everyone in your network has all the relevant registration details for everyone. Creating a Facebook group or something similar to organise everyone is strongly recommended – this will act as the focal point of everyone’s efforts on Sunday morning.

The trickiest part of this process is the limit of 4 tickets per person – so if there are more than 4 ticket-wanters in your network then an extra layer of organisation is needed. I used a Google spreadsheet that had everyone’s registration details, allocated them into groups and shared it with everyone in the network so they knew exactly who they were trying to get tickets for, and every ticket-wanter had an equal chance of getting a ticket. It wasn’t easy but it was the best way to make sure everyone knew what the plan was.

When all the plans are in place, share the Google spreadsheet on the Facebook group and make sure everyone is at their computers/phones at 08:55 on Sunday morning. When 9am hits, they should be on the booking page already and refreshing the hell out of it with one hand while the other hand is hitting redial on the phone. Your Facebook group is now you’re primary communication tool – make sure everyone is taking the time to keep everyone else updated with their progress so you all know who’s in, who’s struggling and so on.

With that process my ‘network’ managed to get 9 people tickets last year, so it can be done.

If anyone has any other useful tips or techniques to help people get tickets on Sunday please share them in the comments below.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

Post written by Luke Glassford - founder, editor, writer and everything else at All-Noise.