Watch “Fuck Apologies” Music Video by JoJo + Single Review

JoJo released her new single “Fuck Apologies” only a few days earlier and then followed it up with a music video. Surprisingly, the music video came out just a day after her single premiered.

But the big news isn’t the urgency that JoJo showed in releasing the MV but it’s something more. You are going to watch JoJo swimming without clothes in this video. Such a treat for her fans!

Now I know why JoJo didn’t want her fans to wait for a long time.

The music video is directed by ASAP Rocky andFrancesco Carrozzini. That’s a strong team of directors for a music video and there is every reason you watch how JoJo reacts when she’s angry. That’s what the music video is about. Watch it below and then scroll to read the single review.

Watch Music Video “Fuck Apologies” by JoJo

Single Review: “Fuck Apologies” by JoJo

JoJo has taken a long time to realize her full potential. Her new single “Fuck Apologies” took nearly a year as it was last summer when we heard something from her.

The new single that JoJo finally gifted her fans isn’t a routine single. It’s the long-awaited official first single from her upcoming studio album. It signals beginning of a new era of JoJo with her third studio album.

“Fuck Apologies” is a mid-tempo track that has R&B elements. The song has an ‘angry’ feel to it and you could see why after you listen to the lyrics closely. It looks as if JoJo is really pissed about saying ‘sorry’ when she doesn’t really mean it.

This new single was first released to the US audience only but a day later it was made available to the rest of the world. Along with the single, JoJo also unveiled the name of her third studio album which is to be titled “Mad Love”. The release date is set to be October 2016. There will be 13 songs in the album out of which three will be collaborations with other artists.

Post Author: David Watt