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Casino, Websites and Slot Providers For Online Gambling

Whether you’re new to the scene or an old timer, knowing where to look and picking which casino game to play can prove to be a tricky thing. Once you’ve found that perfect one, things are simple. You can just start spinning those reels, throwing those dice or betting those hidden cards and enjoy trying to make some extra cash. It’s the bit before that can be slightly overwhelming. Is land-based or online better for casinos? What casino websites should you steer clear of and which ones will bring you fortune? Are there developers to avoid and ones to look out for? All of these questions and more will be answered in this guide as I run through casino, websites and slot providers for online gambling.


Land based casinos are in most countries around the world. They may not be local, but for a large percentage of the population they are at least accessible. If you’re lucky enough to live close they can be a great way to meet people with similar interests and fill up spare time. However for most, casinos offer the perfect excuse for a weekend trip to celebrate a big occasion. Whether it is for a birthday or a stag do, millions choose casinos as a getaway location to throw caution to the wind and bet in style. Obviously the most famous place for this is Las Vegas; home of extravagant gambling and big wins. Casinos here provide an experience unlike any other. It’s definitely one for the bucket list, but with hundreds of casinos on the strip alone, it can be difficult to choose from. That’s why we recommend the Venetian. It’s the biggest casino there and remains firm favourite for all experienced punters. Everything is bigger and better, but anyone will be quick to remind you that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Websites for Online Slots

Slots have evolved over time and are now available for anyone to play on any mobile device. That means punters can start spinning reels from their laptop in the comfort of their own home, or even using their mobile phone on the train. Thanks to this improved accessibility, the market has opened to millions more people who are now able to play slots. They don’t need to worry about living near a casino, or making a one off weekend trip. The convenience is unparalleled. Now there are millions of casino websites like Thor Slots; all offering a chance to play just as many slot games. To compete they offer various deals and promotions that make things even more rewarding for players. One of our favourite casino websites is Fortune Cat. It offers up to a £500 bonus and releases new games every Thursday!

Slot Game Providers

With this massive new market, more companies are jumping on the casino bandwagon and becoming slot providers. Developers and tech firms are creating games and providing slots that are so immersive they feel like more than just a game. Our favourite slot provider has to be NetEnt. Releases are consistently exceptional, with stunning graphic and audio quality that makes playing for hours, feel like minutes. They also offer some of the best rewards and payouts, which lets face it, is priority number one.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer