Coldplay - All i can think about is you

Single Review: “All I Can Think About You” by Coldplay

Coldplay has released a new countdown single “All I Can Think About You” just before the launch of their “Kaleidoscpoe” EP. The album will be out on July 14.

Coldplay has uploaded an audio video for the song on YouTube. That means you can listen to the full version free of charge. You can also listen to the song below, after the review.

Although you might feel excited about this new single, there is nothing new about it. It sounds just like “Up & Up” and their other songs that you heard in the last year or so. It starts off on a mellow note and then develops to typical Coldplay climax. It’s exactly what you’d imagine a typical Coldplay song to be like these days. It doesn’t disappoint but it doesn’t offer anything new in terms of production or execution.

Now that Coldplay have released all but “Aliens” from the upcoming album, you know how the next album sounds. And with how things are going ahead, it seems obvious that Coldplay will release the last song from the album before July 14 so people won’t have any reason to buy their album. Sounds sane? I don’t know. You can listen to the new Coldplay song “All I Can Think About You” below.

Listen “All I Can Think About You” by Coldplay

Post Author: David Watt