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Music: “Houston” by Coldplay [Review + Full Audio]

Coldplay has debuted a new song titled “Houston”. They were performing in Miami for their A Head Full of Dreams tour when they decided to play this song. It came out really good as the fans enjoyed the song.

This song was originally planned to be released in Houston where the band was to perform in a concert last week. However, the weather situation and the Harvey hurricane made them pull out of the concert, which never happened. So the band had to release the song as they couldn’t have kept it a secret for long. Miami seemed like a perfect place and that’s exactly what Chris Martin-led band decided.

I’m happy ’cause I wanted to hear new Coldplay music so desperately. Now that it’s here, it also serves as a gift for Coldplay fans from Houston who wanted the band here so badly. But nevertheless, this is a perfect gift and we know Chris Martin will come to Houston again. Hopefully, there won’t be a hurricane that next time.

When performing the song, Chris Martin sent a direct message to their Houston fans. He sent love and told them that everyone was praying that they could make it through the rain. It’s amazing to have your idols pray for you. Chris Martin has definitely strengthened his bond with his fans even further on this day.

Now that’s not all. Coldplay made this new song “Houston” special by announcing that it’s only gonna be played once. This is that ‘single’ rendition of the song that the band has decided to bless the fans with. Consider yourself lucky enough and give it a listen. It’s a great song and I’m sure everyone from Houston is going to keep it very close to theirs.

Watch Coldplay Perform New Song “Houston” in Miami

Post Author: David Watt