Video Review: “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert has released music video for “Little Red Wagon”. She performed this track at the Grammys this year and probably had plans to release a video. This new track is a mix of country and rock music. The track is taken from her Platinum album. Picking this track for new music video is a wise choice for two reasons i.e. she performed it on Grammys and this is the best track from her album.

Music video for “Little Red Wagon” was premiered on VEVO on March 11. Miranda, wearing red, is a real life Barbie in the video. The video takes her best shots and makes her look stunning. The music video is directed by Trey Fanjoy.

As the video starts, Miranda is shown parking at a road side motel along with her little dog. The motel has a big sign hanging outside saying that pets aren’t allowed but still she manages to get a room with her pet. The old man sitting at the reception probably finds it too difficult to take his eyes off Miranda and think about a dog getting into the hotel. As Miranda goes to her room, she changes clothes and starts seducing the camera. She then puts on a red bathing suit and goes to the pool where she flaunts with the pool guy. As she is done with her short motel stay, she gets back into her red car and hits the road.

Watch “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert

Post Author: David Watt