Single: “Vice” by Miranda Lambert – Review + Full Audio

Miranda Lambert has released a new single titled “Vice”. She announced the single via Twitter. Read its review and listen to full version below.

Miranda Lambert is finally ready to be happy once again. You know how? She can clap at her ex-husband finally and send him a message that she is still strong. Things didn’t have to be the way Blake Shelton, her ex-husband, made them. I don’t know why he needed to date Gwen Stefani so quickly after his breakup with Miranda.¬†If that’s not enough, Blake decided to hurt Miranda by writing songs about their separation.

After this cold war, Miranda Lambert needed to reply and she has done that in style. Her latest single “Vice” is her playground where she tells her fans that she is happy to have her past. She doesn’t want to erase it or run away from it. The time she spent with Blake had good and bad moments. But what she wants is to move forward and never to repeat it again. That’s the lesson she wants to learn from her troubled past.

This new single isn’t only about reminding her ex-husband that she is strong and she has learned some lessons from her time with him but it’s also about how Miranda sees her role in this relationship. She critically examines herself and admits where she made mistakes. She takes blame for failing to find the true love.

Not sure if this single will be a commercial hit but it’s a great song no matter how you look at it. It’s about personal strength and ability to analyze the¬†situation without prejudice. This is Miranda’s answer to Blake and rest of the world, more importantly, to herself. Listen to this single below.

Listen to “Vice” by Miranda Lambert

Post Author: David Watt