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Listen to “Keeper Of The Flame” by Miranda Lambert – Is It A Hit?

Miranda Lambert has premiered a new song titled “Keeper Of The Flame” and it has great potential to become a hit. When the country radio picks it up, you’re going to hear it all the time. It’s that good.

“Keeper of the Flame” is an introspective song – an atypical single that may not make it to the country radio for the reason that the mainstream likes to air songs that are easily relateable. It’s not that song and that might hurt the commercial side of this project for Miranda Lambert. Nevertheless, she has come out on social media several times telling her fans that she doesn’t care about where a project ends up commercially. All she cares is the next song and whether she likes it or not. If she likes the song, she will release it. She gives a little thought to what a single should sound like. Isn’t that what fans want their favorite artist to think when releasing new music?

The song, part of Lamber’s album “The Weight of These Wings”, is co-written by her. You could tell that when you pay close attention to the lyrics.

I’m walking in their footsteps

I’m singing their old songs

Somebody blazed this trail

I’m treadin’ on

I’m bent, but I’m not broken

I’m stronger than I feel 

I’m made of flesh and bone

Not made of steel.

I’m the keeper of the flame

The teller of the story

Keeper of the flame

Listen to “Keeper Of The Flame” by Miranda Lambert

Post Author: David Watt