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Tom Meighan says Kasabain’s new album is ‘dangerous’

Kasabian have lifted the lid slightly on their upcoming fifth album in an interview with NME.

The as-yet-untitled album is set for release this summer to coincide with the bands homecoming show at Leicester’s Victoria Park, but not much is known about it yet.

During the interview with NME, Serge revealed one of the new songs is called ‘Ezz-Ehh’ and features lyrics about last years horsemeat scandal (obviously!) and Google (lyric: “Horsemeat in the burgers / People commit murders / Everyone’s on bugle / We’re being watched by Google.”)

Speaking about the track Serge said:

It’s more a conversation that me and Tom might have at five or six in the morning. Ridiculous rants when you think you’re making the most amazing points, and the next morning you’re like… what? I was gonna call it ‘Horsemeat’ but I thought it was a bit ridiculous.

Frontman Tom Meighan went on to describe ‘Ezz-Ehh’ as:

It’s a comic. It’s cartoonish. It’s punk. We’ve never done anything like it. It’s trashy. It’s dirty. It’s Leicester.

Tom then spoke more broadly about the album, saying:

It’s a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous drug we’ve created. I can’t get my head round it. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s got the rawness and it’s edgy, but we’ve gone back to electronica and we’ve gone beyond leftfield. What else can we do? It’s a silver bullet mate. It’s fantastic.

It’s safe to assume this interview is the opening salvo of the Kasabian press machine, and we can probably expect a lot more stuff from them in the coming weeks – hopefully even a lead single/video.

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