Justin Bieber Planning to Release New Album in November

Justin Bieber has announced to release his upcoming album on November 13. However, Justin’s fans will get a chance to listen to his new single meanwhile as the Canadian singer is planning to release a new single this week.

Justin’s fans have been waiting for long for the album. Now with the news that it will be released after 3 months, fans are definitely disappointed. But maybe Justin is planning something else. Maybe he is thinking of promoting his new single so that he can maximize the album sales. In fact, he will be trying his best to take the song to #1 spot on charts. We are sure Justin will easily achieve that, given there are three months to work out on a single song’s promotion. With all the support he has got from his team, there is every chance that he will hit the #1 spot if his team helps him with TV appearances and interviews. If this new single hits #1 spot in the US within these three months, there is every chance that critics will take back their verdict that Justin’s career is done.

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz