Sabrina Claudio Single “Messages From Her” – Listen It Here!

Sabrina has dropped new single “Messages From Her” from her upcoming album “No Rain, No Flowers” coming out on 15th of August. In this track, she is remembering and recalling her youth years. The song is very beautiful and the vocals are stunning, the “dadadadadada” chorus will give you chill. The combination of R&B and indie-rock makes the song too good. You’ll feel every single lyric, note, inflection, and meaning. You will feel yourself related to all of it. It’s almost like she wrote out all that you’ve been feeling. It’s like she knew you needed this. You can also check a review of “All To You” by Sabrina Claudio.

Claudio sings, “To life when I was young; That girl inside me stays, If I am not here for me, she will be there”. This song written by Claudio and produced by Sad Money and Kaveh Rastegar, it’s available now at digital and streaming providers Via SC Entertainment / Atlantic Records. It is an inner look of Sabrina’s journey of healing and growth. Rain is a symbol of darkness and an important part of the rebirth. Sabrina also collaborated with DJ Khaled in “Don’t Let Me Down”

She says that she wrote this song during a moment of self-reflection to a happy childhood and on the other hand, adulthood with responsibilities. Finding herself wishing she could speak to that little girl to tell her the true perspective and happiness of a little girl’s life. She has a couple of live performances this weekend at Lollapalooza and then on 11th of August at Outside Lands in San Francisco.

“Messages From Her” by Sabrina Claudio – Listen It Here!


Post Author: David Watt