“Don’t Let Me Down” by Sabrina Claudio & Khalid

Sabrina Claudio isn’t resting. Right after releasing her new song a day earlier, she has surprised her yet again with her brilliant collaboration with Khalid. The song is titled “Don’t Let Me Down” and it’s a gem.

“Don’t Let Me Down” is a sultry collaboration and you can’t stop loving Sabrina’s vocals and the infectious beat. The Sad Money production is totally addictive.

If you like this song, there is a lot more good to come in the future. Sad Money is also working with Sabrina on her next project. I can’t wait for from the 21-year old singer.

In the song “Don’t Let Me Down”, Sabrina and Khalid sing about expectations and what lead to those expectations. ‘I told you things about me’, claims the singer. Now that’s a good enough reason to ask someone to not let down. ‘I let you put your arms around me’ is another reason why Sabrina and Khalid are singing ‘don’t let me down’ together. It’s about showing your vulnerable side to someone and then asking them “don’t let me down”. It’s a sensitive theme and I’m sure you are going to love it. Give it a listen below and see if you like it.

Listen to “Don’t Let Me Down” by Sabrina Claudio and Khalid

Post Author: David Watt