New Music Video Review: “Medellin” By Madonna Featuring Maluma

Madonna has released the official music video for her Maluma collaboration “Medellin” and it’s probably the best music video we have seen this year.

The music video focuses on the attention to details. The result is an amazing visual that we can easily rate as Madonna’s best video to date. Madonna looks simply amazing and no one in their right mind could guess that she is already 60. The way she moves and how she looks – it’s just incredible.

Maluma is also featuring the music video and he also looks amazing. He also gets his toes sucked by Madonna in the music video in a scene where both are in the bed and Madonna decides to show her love by sucking Maluma’s toe. It’s hot as hell and everyone’s talking about this moment as of now.

“Medellin” was released last week and if you have given it some time since then, it would have grown on you. The song could easily hit the Billboard Hot 100. Nevertheless, we know Madonna doesn’t care about song position on charts anymore. She just wants to make good music and we are absolutely loving diva’s attitude. Watch her latest music video below.

Watch Music Video “Medellin” By Madonna Featuring Maluma

Post Author: Harvey Dyer