Listen to “Medellín” By Madonna Featuring Maluma

Madonna is back and she has started a new era. The first taste of her new album Madame X dropped yesterday titled “Medellin.” Madonna has brought the Colombian singer Maluma on this song since the song borrows some elements from reggae.

Madonna wants to go back in time with this song. In the song, she tells us that she had gone 17 years back after taking a pill. Now that she’s back in her past, she wants to be all the things that she wasn’t able to become while focusing on her future. She wants to be naive. But instead, she wakes up on a Medellin. That’s when Maluma starts singing his verse. We love the track and we sure everyone is going to fall in love with it. It’s a great track to open the new era and we’re hopeful that every song in this Madonna era would be a hit. Give Medellin a listen below.

Listen To “Medellin” by Madonna Ft. Maluma

Post Author: Harvey Dyer