Music Video Review: “Back It Up” by Prince Royce featuring Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

Prince Royce has just premiered a music video for his brand new single “Back It Up”. The music video was premiered on VEVO last night. The video features Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. The upbeat track from Prince Royce will appear on his upcoming music album. This English-language album from the Latin Singer will hit the stores at the end of this year and it will be released through RCA Records.

The music video doesn’t have the album-version of “Back It Up” but rather it’s Spanish remix of the track in collaboration with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Majority of music commentators were already expecting Prince to shot video for this Spanish version instead of English version because of J. Lo. She can be a huge success factor. Prince Royce wasn’t going to miss on that.

Despite the fact that everyone kind of expected this version for video, Prince Royce could have convinced J. Lo to record English verses that could replace her Spanish parts in the track. Since the track now has Spanish lyrics, it is highly improbably that the Spanish remix version will get a lot of airtime on US Top 40 radios. Instead, radios will simply play the boring English version.

The music video is colorful and charming. Prince Royce is seen wearing Zara-esque outfit while Jennifer is sporting a short white leather top. Pitbull, as usual, is among a thousand sexy girls who are about to eat him alive.

Watch Music Video – “Back It Up” by Prince Royce featuring Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

Post Author: David Watt