Are Child Prodigies Reshaping the Music Industry?

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation claimed Kevin Chen as country’s superstar pianist earlier this year. This kid is just eight years old. Another kid named Ryan Wang is just five years old and he has already performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. A German pianist named Laetitia Hahn has been delighting German music fans since she was only seven. British pianist Alma Deutscher started playing the instrument at the age of two and now composes operas.

Child prodigies are nothing new for the music industries. Mozart was six years old when he dazzled the dukes and monarchs of his time. By that time, he already had composed a handful of compositions. Annie Sophie Mutter was also only 13 when she made her international debut. These child prodigies combined technical excellence with artistic brilliance and thus ended up influencing musicians to come for centuries.

With so many teenagers coming up for auditions in North America and Europe, the young musicians are sprinkling the joy across all music fans. However, many musicians are already raising a voice against these kids who have learned to play certain notes perfectly but they lack the true artistic potential.

Music industry can truly benefit from these music prodigies but only if they can prove their real talent by blowing audiences in 20 years’ time rather than playing music only to wow their parents.



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