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Album stream – Cults – ‘Static’

Indie pop duo Cults are back with new album Static next week – the follow-up to their very promising 2011 self-titled debut.

Before the release of the album, the New York based pair have made it available to stream online via Listen to Static in full by following this link: Cults Static stream

Cults’ Brian Oblivion has previously described the influence New York had on their second album, saying:

We had a lot of conversations about the lifestyle here in New York and the kind of entitlement people feel here and the selfishness and the need to succeed and the never accepting of anything good. That, to me, is what the album is rebelling against, the idea of your life as a cookie cutout of what you’re told is success, and how people quest after that while doing things that burn great relationships with people or communities, which could lead to a totally different kind of happiness or success.

Static was preceded by great lead single ‘High Road’, the video to which is below. Below that you’ll find the full tracklisting for Static

Static Tracklist:
01. I Know
02. I Can Hardly Make You Mine
03. Always Forever
04. High Road
05. Were Before
06. So Far
07. Keep Your Head Up
08. TV Dream
09. We’ve Got It
10. Shine A Light
11. No Hope

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2 thoughts on “Album stream – Cults – ‘Static’


    (2013-10-10 - 10:25 pm)

    Really excited to buy their new record on the 15th!


    (2013-10-13 - 3:48 am)

    The album is streaming on NPR, so happy the wait is over! My favorite song so far is Keep Your Head Up 🙂

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