halsey snorting drug g-easzy

What’s up with Hasley? Does the ‘snorting’ story has any truth behind it?

I know a lot of you have already heard this. Someone photographed our beloved Halsey snortingĀ in Miami. She was partying – all right – but what is that thing that she is inhaling in the image below?

halsey snorting drug g-easzy


If that image isn’t lying, it’s Hasley doing drugs.

But could it be really true? There is some connection that makes it sound true that the girl is in the wrong company. She is possibly only trying out these things and will party responsibly for the sake of all her fans who want her to do big in her career. We love her voice and she is really the one for the long-term. Why cut the career short with this kind of stuff? Where else would it lead her to?

The connection that’s so obvious is her boyfriend G-Eazy. He was also reported with drug use recently and with Hasley shooting her recent video with him, it’s probably that’s where she picked it up. Or maybe the couple has been into it before. Who knows. But I’m sure it has something to do with this connection. Anyway, that doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. It’s all over the place if you want to pick it up. It’s definitely up to Hasley to make a decision NOW about how she wants to move ahead with her career. Does she want to be that singer who is going to disappear after a couple of albums or she wants to be the one who goes long way down the road and turns herself into a big global star?

We hope she would act responsibly. Afterall, she’s got a huge fan following already. There are a lot of people who follow her and look up to her as their inspiration.

Post Author: David Watt