Watch The Music Video: Bebe Rexha’s Song, “Last Hurrah”.

Last week, the American singer and songwriter, “Bebe Rexha” shared a new song titled, “Last Hurrah”. The song will appear on her upcoming album as the lead single.

Last Hurrah was co-written by her with Nick Long, Lauren Christy, and Andrew Wells who also produced the song.

Bebe Rexha has come up again and has shared a new music video for her recently released song, “Last Hurrah”. It was directed by Joseph kahn.

The music video features the angel Bebe Rexha. She will have a party, she will dance and my gosh she looks stunning in that red jacket.

Watch the music video to Bebe Rexha’s song, “Last Hurrah”:

The song came out of a funny incident. How though? Bebe wrote on twitter, “It’s inspired by my friend. She was supposed to be on a diet and she ate a piece of chocolate cake and her husband was like aren’t you supposed to be on a diet? She responded to him by saying babe this is my last hurrah. Meaning like it’s gonna be one more night of me messing up”.

Post Author: David Watt