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Bebe Rexha Previews “Nothing At All” – New Single

Bebe Rexha knows how to use social media. She has given us a preview of her new single “Nothing At All” on Instagram using network’s Story feature.

It’s naughty the way she does this. Imagine her driving somewhere. Car stereo volume turned to the maximum. What you hear is something you have heard before. You guessed it right. It would be a new Bebe Rexha single.

This scenario is what Bebe shot and posted on Instagram Story. It’s fantastic. I really appreciate the way she approached previewing the single. Since the volume is high, you can clearly listen to the song. It’s not a short snippet so you get the idea what it’s about and how it sounds. She is just proved with this video that she is a very creative person.

This new song is a guitar deliver melody where Bebe Rexha sings in her perfect vocals. It sounds very laid back and probably something you haven’t heard from Bebe so far. Or is it the direction you want Bebe to go? I think with this song, she is asking her fans this question. Listen to the snippet of new Bebe Rexha single “Nothing At All” below.

Listen to “Nothing At All” by Bebe Rexha – Preview Video




Post Author: David Watt