Watch Sigrid Perform “Strangers” in The Tonight Show

Sigrid, the Norwegian pop star, has had some great time during the last two weeks. The pop star released three tracks, went to Coachella and delivered amazing performance, and went Los Angeles for a gig – all in the last couple of weeks. To add to the list of amazing things, Sigrid appeared on The Tonight Show and performed her hit “Stranger”.

Instead of choosing “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, which seemed like an obvious choice due to its recent commercial success, the Norwegian pop princes went for “Strangers”. It turned out to be the perfect choice as the singer performed this upbeat song flawlessly. It’s already a big hit in Europe and with this performance, I’m sure the track has already landed the right way.

As always, Sigrid wasn’t settling for a routine performance at the late-night TV. She took a different approach and surprised everyone with her performance. The first and the major surprise was absence of any choreography. Second, she was wearing a slinky costume but put on some really heavy makeup. Under her overall, she was wearing a top that had some sparkles on it. With nothing there to distract, the 21-year old singer had everyone’s eyes focused on her. She had very opportunity to showcase her vocal talent and she did that perfectly. Watch the performance below.

Watch Sigrid Perform “Stranger” on The Tonight Show

Post Author: David Watt