Watch New Music Video: “Subtle Thing” by Marian Hill

Marian Hill, the duo, has premiered the official music video for their latest single “Subtle Thing” and it’s probably the scariest music video that you have seen in quite a long time. It’s gonna scare the hell out of you without a doubt.

In the music video, you will see the duo in a library. You can’t possibly relate a library to such a scary place but after watching this visual, you will definitely avoid going to a library at night or when there is no one there. It’s a creepy library that gives Marian Hill the opportunity to serve a trippy and scary music video.

The music video is directed by Sam Cannon. Did Sam select this library theme or was it the band who opted for this theme? I’m not sure but whoever had this idea initially wins the day for me. It’s such a potent idea that I’m thinking of pitching a scary movie to a local producer on the same idea.

Unlike what you think so far, the duo doesn’t feel scared even in this creepy place. They are unafraid and they really don’t care about what’s happening in the library. It seems as if they have drunk some special magical mana that has taken away all their fears. Otherwise, who wouldn’t be afraid in this place? Watch the music video for “Subtle Thing” below.

Watch “Subtle Thing” music video by Marian Hill

Post Author: David Watt