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Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform “I Don’t Think About You” on TV

Kelly Clarkson stopped by ‘Ellen’ and performed her latest single “I Don’t Think About You”. This performance was a treat to watch as the American Idol superstar delivered mesmerizing live vocals. It was fire and I’m sure it’s going to help Kelly’s new album “Meaning of Life”.

“I Don’t Think About You” from Kelly’s latest album is a beautiful song with so much meaning that I desperately wanted her to do this TV performance. Ellen has a huge influence¬†and Kelly can’t refuse any promotion of her new album. In this amazing performance, Kelly served every note perfectly. She had total control over her vocals and didn’t let her grip slip even for once. That’s what you call an amazing performance.

This performance wasn’t only about how awesome Kelly can deliver high pitch notes. It was also about how Kelly wants to represent herself, looking pretty and in a stylish outfit. That’s the diva side that has been somewhat missing and if Kelly can work on it, I’m sure she has the capability and talent to put everything on fire. Watch this amazing performance below.

Watch Kelly Clarkson Performing “I Don’t Think About You” on Ellen

Post Author: David Watt